silverwhistle (silverwhistle) wrote in lafetedesfous,

Useful background items…

Some fun historical background material:

Helen Waddell, Mediæval Latin Lyrics
J A Symonds, Wine, Women, and Song: Mediaeval Latin Students' Songs Now First Translated into English Verse
D B Wyndham Lewis, François Villon: A Documented Survey
Jean Marc Bernard, François Villon (1431-1463), sa vie son oeuvre

Villon was a scholar turned truand (burglar, pimp, killed a priest in a brawl over a doxy). His depictions of the Parisian underworld influenced Hugo. His uncle/adoptive father, Father Guillaume de Villon, was one of the tutors in canon law at the University of Paris: since he died in the late 1460s, he could easily have taught Claude.

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