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Notre Dame de Paris

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[October 7th, 2010]

La troupe originale de "Notre Dame de Paris"!
Kiév — 8 et 9 décembre, Moscou — 11 décembre, St-Pétérbourg — 12 décembre.
Regardez ici!

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[September 25th, 2010]

А все ли в курсе, что:

50.04 КБ

Кто это? Посмотреть!Collapse )

Где купить билеты? Посмотреть!Collapse )
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[June 20th, 2010]

Об этом мы не могли даже мечтать! Запаситесь валерьянкой!Collapse )
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[November 17th, 2009]

Daniel Lavoie a Moscou?!!! C'est possible! Cliquez ici!
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Nice cast gallery of 1956 film [August 5th, 2009]

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Cast gallery. Pretty…!


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More Brion eye-candy! [July 27th, 2009]

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More delightful pics by Brion! Pics behind cut:Collapse )

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Those fabulous Frollo brothers! [July 27th, 2009]

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As depicted by Brion in lovely 19C engravings! Jehan & Claude pic-spam:Collapse )

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[July 26th, 2009]

Hi all. I'm brand new to this wonderful book, and am currently about halfway through it in French (just finished Book VI). I was quite scared of it before I started – I read quite a lot of French but I'm definitely not fluent – but it's actually been a really enjoyable experience and I am loving it much more than I ever expected to. Alchemical priests and hot underage gypsies are always a winner as far as I'm concerned!

One of the reasons I started reading it is because I moved from eastern England to Paris at the beginning of the year, and I live pretty much right opposite Notre Dame now. The bells wake me up every morning. So I quite often get takeaway and sit in the square in front of it after work, when the sunset hits the front of the building. You can image my grins of recognition when I got to the bit where Hugo describes that exact time of day:

Dans ces jours de clarté, de chaleur et de sérénité, il y a une certaine heure, surtout, où le soleil, déjà incliné vers le couchant, regarde preque en face la cathédrale. Ses rayons, de plus en plus horizontaux, se retirent lentement du pavé de la place, et remontent le long de la façade à pic dont ils font saillir les mille rondes bosses sur leur ombre, tandis que la grande rose centrale flamboie comme un œil de cyclope enflammé des réverbérations de la forge.

Mmmm. And there's a kind of embedded reminder of the narrative here as well, because that word ‘bosse’ which is used here in its architectural sense is also the word Hugo uses for Quasimodo's hunch.

Anyway – the reason I am posting, apart from an excuse to write out nice bits of writing, is because I went over to Victor Hugo's house today, a very cute museum and, unlike most in Paris, one that's free. There are some interesting pictures there inspired by the various books and plays, including a whole room dedicated to portrayals from Notre Dame de Paris. The most popular scene to represent seemed to be the bit where Esmerelda brings Quasimodo a drink of water while he's on the pillory. There were also several versions of Esmerelda being snatched off by Quasimodo, appartently because it gave the painters a good excuse to show her clothes in various states of disarray.

You can also see the rooms Hugo lived in, which are pretty hideously decorated I thought. But still, a fascinating place which gave me lots of new ways to think about the book and its author. If you're in Paris you should check it out! And come say hi if I'm having my dinner by the cathedral!
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Hello~ :D [July 21st, 2009]

[ mood | chipper ]

Hi, everyone! ♥

Another fellow NDdP fan who also happens to be quite the Frollo-phile~.

It's always a pleasure to find another NDdP comm on LJ, especially since they're sometimes hard to come by! I feel a little silly saying this, but Notre-Dame is quite possibly one of the best things in the world to have come across - I truly feel like a better person for having read it and seen the musical :]

I'm... not quite sure what else to say. o_o

Either way, hi to all!

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'Esmeralda' painting by Steuben [July 13th, 2009]

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This is a lovely painting of Esmeralda with Djali (Musée des Beaux-Arts, Nantes)! It's the cover picture on the Oxford Classics paperback ed.

(x-copy to frollophiles and les_sanspapiers)

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Esmeralda's birthday & Quasimodo's finding day [July 11th, 2009]

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I've been doing some date-calculations. Mahiette tells us that Pâquette 'la Chantefleurie' Guybertaut's daughter, Agnès, whom we know as Esméralda, was born on St Paula's day in 1466. St Paula, a pious Roman widow, has her Italian webpage here (this is a useful Italian site for checking up on saints' days and pics). She is commemorated on the anniversary of her death, 26 January. So when we meet her, she's just 3 weeks off her 16th birthday, and is 16 and a half by the time of her execution.

Since Quasimodo is named after the introit sung on the day of his adoption (Quasimodo, or Low, Sunday, the week after Easter Sunday: Quasi modo genite infantes, alleluia: rationabile, sine dolo lac concupiscite, alleluia, alleluia, alleluia. – "As newborn babes… desire milk reasonably, without guile"), this date, too, can be checked. In 1467, Easter fell on 29 March, so Claude adopted him on 5 April. The service is connected with newly-ordained priests, so that, too, would fit.

(edited x-post to les_sanspapiers and frollophiles)

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The original musical! [July 10th, 2009]

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I've found a review (in French) of a revival of the original opera La Esméralda. This had a libretto by Victor Hugo and music by Louise Bertin. I haven't heard any of this, but I had a look at the libretto recently. It makes Phœbus the romantic hero. At the end, he saves Esméralda, but keels over dead because his old wound has re-opened, she then faints on top of him, saying she's going to follow him! Claude then exclaims, "Oh Fatality!" and the curtain falls. It sounds utterly ghastly, and despite Hugo scripting it, I'd be reluctant to consider it canon!

(x-post to frollophiles and les_sanspapiers)

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Reviews of 1976 and 1996 films [July 9th, 2009]

[ mood | amused ]

I have done a couple of IMDb reviews on Notre Dame, and plan to write more for other versions.

1976 BBC production

1996 Disney production.

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1850 illustrated edition [July 7th, 2009]

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Here's the title page from the 1850 ed (available for download on GoogleBooks). The full pic would be good as an image-map for a Notre Dame site, I think: you could make each character clickable to lead to a biography! We've got Quasimodo at the top, then Clopin, King Louis (in profile, in the second window), Jehan (drunk as usual), then on the ground, Claude, Pierre, Djali, Esmeralda, Pâquette (in her anchoress's cell), Phœbus and Fleur-de-Lys.Read more...Collapse )

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Useful background items… [July 7th, 2009]

[ mood | geeky ]

Some fun historical background material:

Helen Waddell, Mediæval Latin Lyrics
J A Symonds, Wine, Women, and Song: Mediaeval Latin Students' Songs Now First Translated into English Verse
D B Wyndham Lewis, François Villon: A Documented Survey
Jean Marc Bernard, François Villon (1431-1463), sa vie son oeuvre

Villon was a scholar turned truand (burglar, pimp, killed a priest in a brawl over a doxy). His depictions of the Parisian underworld influenced Hugo. His uncle/adoptive father, Father Guillaume de Villon, was one of the tutors in canon law at the University of Paris: since he died in the late 1460s, he could easily have taught Claude.

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Hi! New member here… [July 6th, 2009]

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I'm Doc M, a historian and long-term Notre Dame book-fan. I'd just thought I'd drop by and say hello, and explain how I got this way. Around 1981-82, I was a 16-17 year old, intending to study mediæval history at university. I discovered the works of François Villon, poet of the 15C Parisian underworld, which led me to Notre Dame de Paris. I got a cheap, US-printed paperback from a station bookstall. The cover was dominated by the ungainly figure of Quasimodo, but my eye was caught by the handsome young priest behind him… (See icon).Read more...Collapse )

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Bonjour + Fic [May 29th, 2009]

Hello, hello, new to the community and all that jazz.  Adore the book and (due to the convenience of living in Italy) was able to take the train to Torino and catch the touring Italian cast of the musical about a month ago: Amazing.

Alas, I am no graphics designer, but I do try my hand with the pen and thus, as a peace offering, I'll share with you a five chapter, complete piece of utterly book based fic.   It begins as an alternate chapter four/book seven and goes off a mini tangent from there: Jehan gets the oppurtunity to give Dom Claude some advice on women.  Booze, brothels and brotherly bonding result.

Warning: It contains two uses of strong language, implied dream erotica and the second half is rather earthy and debaunchery driven in nature.  But if that doesn't offend you, please read on and enjoy.  Your thoughts and feedback are always appreciated.

Brotherly AdviceCollapse )
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Внимание! [February 18th, 2009]

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[January 12th, 2009]

35+1 Jasmine
25 Disney mix
3 Ratatouille

64 icons - la_fleur_darion
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поражаюсь целомудрию французов [October 7th, 2008]


Детально сравниваю текст главных арий Notre Dame de Paris. И что получается.

Во французской Belle:

  • Квазимодо просит у Люцифера дать шанс хотя бы раз погладить волосы Эсмеральды.
  • Фролло просит у Мадонны (собственно, Notre Dame) шанса хотя бы раз отворить дверь в сады Эсмеральды.
  • А Феб признается, что он не заслуживает доверия Флёр де Лис, ибо хочет сорвать цветок любви Эсмеральды.

А наши все трое в переводе Сусанны Цирюк на тех же местах сообщают: "Я душу дьяволу продам за ночь с тобой".

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